Great Question

If God is good, why can life be so full of pain? What's so special about the Bible, anyway? And why is following Jesus really the only way? These are all great questions! If you've wrestled with similar thoughts, know you're not alone. And even though questions about God and faith can be difficult to answer, CCC welcomes curiosity. That's why you helped to pick the topics for this series. We narrowed down eight popular questions about Christianity, and you voted to determine what we addressed during our weekend services and our new podcast, Church Unplugged.
Date Message Title Speaker Listen/Watch
5.19.19 If God is real and loves us, why doesn’t he make himself more obvious? Joe Coffey
5.12.19 What can God tell me that science can’t? Joe Coffey
5.5.19 How can God be loving and send people to Hell? Zach Weihrauch
4.28.19 If God is good, why is my life full of pain and difficulty? Joe Coffey
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