Acts: The Story Goes Viral

Date Message Title Speaker Listen/Watch
12.4.16 Conversion: Can You See Me Now? Joe Coffey
11.27.16 Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch Mark Lile
11.20.16 The Mob and Stephen Mark Walz
11.13.16 Jesus Trumps All
11.6.16 Two Foundations Joe Coffey
10.30.16 Boldness in the Face of Opposition Mark Lile
10.23.16 The Template Joe Coffey
10.16.16 Four Marks of the Early Church Mark Walz
10.9.16 The World Catches Fire Joe Coffey
10.2.16 The Holy Spirit Comes Joe Coffey
9.25.16 The Ascension: A Debt Paid, A Gift Given Joe Coffey
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