Sadly, if it rains or if the heat is dangerously hot, we will have to cancel our lawn service. However, there are two great options for worshipping: inside or online!

Inside Service

If we have to cancel our lawn service on a Sunday, we will have one in-person service at 10 a.m. in the Worship Center. Here is the fun part: the setup will be just like it is on the lawn! You will bring your blankets/lawn chairs just like you have been doing! There will be no CCC chairs set up in our Worship Center. This will allow families of all sizes to sit together without rearranging pre-placed chairs. We will make sure everyone is spaced appropriately and also have as many doors open as possible to allow for fresh air to circulate.

What to Expect Inside

You will be required to wear a mask per state mandate. One of our staff or serve team members will be ready to take your temperature before you enter the building. If you check your temperature before leaving home and give us a thumbs up, you will be good to go. Upon entering the building, you will enter the Worship Center, set up your spot, and get ready to worship and hear God’s Word! All doors will be propped open to allow a no-touch environment and plenty of airflow. This is still a family-friendly service, so all ages are welcome!

Online Service

Some of you will wish to remain at home during this season. We understand! We will continue to offer our online services throughout this season for you to enjoy each Sunday from the safety of your home. Parents, our Aurora Kids ministry team has worked especially hard to offer you quality weekly Christian education that you can teach from home! We call this our Family Worship, and it can be found by clicking the link below. This is a password-protected site, so email Mindy for the password. Also, don’t forget to email Mindy each week to reserve a free curriculum bag that pairs with our Sunday Family Worship. Inside each of these curriculum bags are the crafts, consumables (coloring sheets, etc.), and activities that help teach our Sunday’s Bible lesson.