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Community Groups

Community Groups are one of the best ways to get involved at our church. Whether you’re single, married, young, old or in between, there’s a group that needs you – and you need it.

Community Groups are small posses of people who want to be themselves, ask hard questions about life and spirituality and grow closer to Jesus.

There’s a big difference between having a bunch of acquaintances and a few meaningful, honest relationships. We think that without a group of people that fully knows you (and loves you anyway), you’ll be missing out on some important stuff God wants to do in your life.

Maybe you’ve been coming to church for awhile, or maybe you’re new. You’re here, but not connected. What are you waiting for?

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Serving is faith in action. The needs around us can seem overwhelming. God calls us to seek justice and mercy globally, provide for our neighbors and help others see his beautiful story of restoration. There's a role waiting to be filled by you through serving.

If you’ve decided you can stand before God with your sins forgiven because of Jesus’ sacrifice, then it’s time to get baptized. Sign up for the next baptism class, find out what it’s all about and we’ll celebrate your new life in Christ together!


It’s more like a member of the body of Christ and less like a membership to Sam’s Club.

Membership isn’t admittance to the cool kids’ club, given rights, anonymity or a temporary investment. It’s about accountability, sharing our lives with each other and leaving an eternal legacy together. We don’t require membership to exclude certain people, we require it because we want to make a commitment to each other, to be unified.

Want to join in on the action and connect with others in purposeful life together through the church?

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