Wednesday Nights

Join us for Wednesday Nights Online beginning February 3 at 8 p.m. Registration is required to receive a Zoom link. Choose from two 8-week class options:

Building Your Marriage with Pastor Todd and Jillian Iannetta
Join Pastor Todd and his wife, Jillian, for an honest and practical discussion about marriage. They will address the challenges so many couples face as they seek to find joy and fulfillment in their marriages. We will keep the time to 40 minutes so you still have time to binge-watch your favorite shows together!

Understanding Anxiety and Depression with Ben Barnes, Licensed Counselor
Anxiety and depression are common experiences to us all and part of the human condition that shouldn’t be underestimated or ignored. Not only is our experience with these issues important to acknowledge and understand, but so too is our response and the ways in which we cope. Join us as we learn to deal with both anxiety and depression in ways that are healthy and glorifying to God. This class is for anyone experiencing anxiety and/or depression themselves as well as for those with a struggling friend or loved-one.


Let’s face it: sometimes guys need to spend time with other men and ladies need to spend time with other women.

That’s why we offer a variety of ways to get connected with other people, whether you’re looking for a group in a similar stage of life or friends from a completely different background.


The struggles, the celebrations: life is better together. It’s really easy to get plugged in. Whether you want to start in a small group on Friday mornings with Men’s Fraternity or jump into a two-year commitment with CLC, you’ll find plenty of chances to get to know other guys who you can lean on and learn from.

Jump In


People try to define womanhood in all sorts of ways: feminist, drama queen, independent, hopeless romantic and tomboy, to name a few. While culture insists we put ourselves into boxes, our individuality actually reflects the totality of God’s design.

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