Church Life
You fit in here
Really, you do. Find out what’s going on around here so you can find out how. There’s a group, a class, an event…something just for you. This church thing really is more fun together.
Thy will be done

When his original students, the disciples, asked him how to pray, he said “Pray like this: ‘Our father, who art in Heaven… thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth, as it is in Heaven.’” If you are a student and follower of Jesus, God is your father who has a will and a kingdom. This year, our church-wide vision is to pray vigilantly and work diligently to bring this prayer to fruition; to bring our father’s will and kingdom here to earth.

Impact the world.

Going on a mission trip is perhaps one of the most eye-opening experiences you can have. You’ll get to meet and interact with others from various cultures, some living only an hour away.

So is 2017 finally the year you say yes? Don’t miss the amazing trips we have planned and find out how you can impact the world, both locally and globally next year.

2017 Trips

Church isn’t about a building…

…it’s about knowing Jesus, growing in him and finding our place serving him. That’s what our renovation was about: We want to use our new space to make connections with our friends and neighbors so they can know, grow and serve with us.

For the first 180 days in our new space, we want to pack the building full of people to foster connections. We are planning events that will reach our neighbors to do just that: basketball open gyms, tournaments, concerts, pickle ball, birthday parties and more. What has God given you a passion for? What do you have fun doing? Don’t have an idea, but want to be involved? Email us to get started or jump in on something already in the works.

You’re not alone
Life can be rough. No matter what you’re going through, God sees you and longs to go through it with you. We do too.
We’ve got counseling, financial assistance, support groups, marriage recovery and more. Let us help. We can do this together.