Church Doctrine

Social Issue Convictions

Justice for the Vulnerable

Our church demonstrates compassion through our care for orphans around the world and the protection of the unborn.

Sanctity of Marriage

We are committed to protecting the traditional family, as defined in Scripture as the sacred union between one man and one woman for life and the children that result in that union. We believe the biblical plan for sexuality is one husband and one wife.

Political Neutrality

We are apolitical, except when the rule of government conflicts directly with the rule of God.

Church Distinctions

Micah 6:8

We’re a church that believes in justice and mercy. We put our money where our mouth is – literally. 100% of all the money collected from tithes and offerings on any given Micah 6:8 weekend are passed on to ministries that are doing work here and around the world that provide justice and show mercy to those who need it.