We need to be physically distant from each other right now, but that does not mean we can’t help each other! Our world is in need of some kindness right now. So let’s do an encouraging 21 days of kindness challenge when our community needs it most, in the middle of this COVID-19 pandemic. 

In Galatians 5:22-23, we are told “the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

How this works: Each day for the next 21 days choose an act of kindness from the list below (or make up your own!) to share with those around you. Involve your kids as well! All are social distancing and stay safe compliant! Spread kindness around you and share with us what you are doing! 

The challenge begins Monday, May 11 and finishes Sunday, May 31! Tag us on social media: @ccchapelaurora. And use this hashtag: #21DaysofKindness


  1. Leave a thank you note or treat for your mailperson and/or delivery person 
  2. Put quarters in shopping carts at Aldi 
  3. Go through your closet and create a clothing donation box 
  4. Reach out to someone you have not talked to in a while 
  5. Buy a gift card for the person behind you in line at the store 
  6. Donate to a local charity 
  7. Give an extra tip when you order from a local restaurant 
  8. Leave 10 nice comments on social media 
  9. Say a prayer for a friend or a family member 
  10. Leave a laundry basket of food at the end of your driveway for anyone to take 
  11. Donate dog or cat food to a local shelter 
  12. Send flowers to a nursing home 
  13. Collect canned food for a local food pantry 
  14. Let someone go in front of you in the grocery store line 
  15. Make someone laugh 
  16. Make masks for nursing homes or hospitals 
  17. Color pictures or make cards for local nursing homes 
  18. Start a piggy bank for a cause 
  19. Send a thank you note to an essential worker 
  20. Paint rocks and hide them for others to find when you go out for a walk 
  21. Send someone flowers 
  22. Use sidewalk chalk to leave positive messages outside your home 
  23. Connect a charity to your Amazon account (i.e. Rahab) 
  24. Offer to grocery shop for someone who can’t for themselves 
  25. Have a complain free day 
  26. Speak only kind words 
  27. Send 5 encouraging notes to special people in your life 
  28. Pay someone a compliment 
  29. Collect unused toys and create a donation box for a child in need 
  30. Say please and thank you more 
  31. Send someone a handwritten letter 
  32. Let a teacher know how much you appreciate them 
  33. Do another family member’s chores 
  34. Donate books you are finished with to your local library when it opens 
  35. Call your grandparents and ask them about their childhood 
  36. Feed the birds 
  37. Check in on elderly neighbors, friends or relatives 
  38. Call a friend you haven’t seen for a while and say hello 
  39. Take a walk and leave “heads up” pennies on the sidewalk for someone else to find 
  40. Tell someone how much you love them 
  41. Write a letter to a grandparent or sibling and tell them how much they mean to you 
  42. Send gift cards to your local grocery store to your fire department 
  43. Smile at everyone you see, even your family!!! 
  44. Be kind to yourself and eat healthy today 
  45. Pay for the car behind you in a drive through 
  46. Use your creativity and come up with your own act of kindness! 
  47. Thank the grocery store workers that you see 
  48. Contact your local Children’s hospital and ask if there is anything they need and then donate what you can 
  49. Mow your neighbor’s lawn 
  50. Recommend a favorite uplifting book/movie to someone who is down